Welcome to the website of the Amsterdam Rheumatology and Immunology Center, ARC!

The ARC is a collaboration between AMC, Reade and VUMC wherein rheumatologic research and education at these three organizations has been brought together in one Organization. The cooperation agreement was signed by the Boards of Directors of the three organizations on October 14, 2014.

This has resulted in the largest center for this research in the Netherlands. Within the ARC more than 80 researchers work on the origin and treatment of rheumatic and immunological disorders.

The ARC is led by an Executive Board consisting of:

Prof. dr. Ronald van Vollenhoven – Director
Prof. dr. Mike Nurmohamed – on behalf of Reade
Prof. dr. Niek de Vries – on behalf of AMC
Prof. dr. Willem Lems – on behalf of VUMC


Daily management within the ARC is covered by
Mw. Ida Gaspersz – Management assistant
Prof. dr. Mike Nurmohamed – Treasurer
Prof. dr. Willem Lems – Education officer
Dr. Gerrit Jansen – Communication office


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